Berlinwood Complete Set - Promodel 'Afrobi 2022'

Berlinwood Complete Set - Promodel 'Afrobi 2022'

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The official Promodel of Berlinwood and Blackriver rider Fabian Schreiter aka Afrobi.

"I remember when I just started fingerboarding back in 1999, sitting in my room at night building ramps out of cardboard. Those were magical times."

This fingerboard complete set comes with a wooden Berlinwood deck with the Promodel 'Afrobi 2022' graphic, a pair of high quality Blackriver trucks and a set of professional Blackriver "Blank Street" wheels.  This set of Blackriver Trucks also includes eight mounting screws, lock nuts and the Blackriver fingerboard tool.

The latest generation Berlinwood fingerboard decks feature a solid 5-ply construction and are handmade by professionals in the Blackriver workshop in Germany